CLEAR Clogged A/C
Drain Lines - Fast & Easy

The A/C Drain Pump is a Powerful tool that can be used from inside the home to keep A/C Drain lines flowing freely.
It's Built Tough and Easy to Use!

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Works on any 3/4" PVC drain line and most cleanout devices.


This outstanding product works from inside the home or office at the unit drain line.
No electricity is needed and it is stronger and more effective than a wet vac.


Place pump on hard level surface.

Step 1


Connect the end of the pump hose fitting firmly onto the 3/4" PVC drain line or most cleanout device adaptors in the direction to be cleared.

Step 2


Hold the hose end fitting in place while pressing foot onto top of pump, and slowly apply pressure. Continue to press and release pump until the line is clear.

Step 3


Why A/C Leaks Occur

Roughly 90% of central-air service calls are related to water leaks. That shows you the scale of this problem. Here are the main three reasons why a leak occurs: 1) there's a crack or hole in overflow drain pan, 2) there's a clogged condensate line and water backs up and floods the overflow pan, or 3) the air filter is clogged with dirt, which causes the evaporator coil to ice up and then drip water.

Preventing A/C Water Leaks

You can easily eliminate two of the three causes of water leaks by keeping the A/C drain line clear of clogs and by regularly changing the air filter. Another good reason to keep the A/C drain line clear is that most A/C units are equipped with water-overflow cutoff switches, which automatically shut them down if they detect clogged A/C drain lines. The switches help prevent water damage, which is good, but most homeowners don't know why their air conditioner suddenly stops. By keeping the A/C drain line clear, you can avoid having the air conditioner unit shut down unexpectedly.



A one-year warranty is provided to protect against product defects.
For any questions contact us via email anytime.
This product works on any 3/4" PVC drain line and most cleanout devices.
A/C Drain Pump

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